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Fresh and challenging perspective on NT letters – The day

Title: A Guide to First & Second Timothy and Titus

Author: Victoria Vasquez

Publisher: The Bible Today (108 pages)

Genre: Bible Commentary

Anyone who reads and studies the so-called pastoral letters often encounters two difficulties. The first is the question of who wrote the letters. Could it be Paul? Many believe that the language is different from the letters of Paul and that the description of the leadership structures indicates the time after Paul. Others emphatically claim that it was the great apostle who wrote the three letters.

The second difficulty is how one should interpret the words that the woman should receive instruction, always submit and that Paul does not allow a woman to rule over the man, but to keep quiet and still. Is this the word of God to us and if so, how should it be applied today?

In the Bible Guide series, Victoria Vasque’s book is number 15. The comments are written by young theologians, women and men, and are simple but very worth reading. The books are very suitable both for personal Bible reading and for group studies.

Vasques takes a stand for Paul in the author question and she gives a sound interpretation of how the words about the woman as a teacher should be interpreted. She believes that the words are about the women in the parish being influenced by false teachers and therefore behaving inappropriately in different ways, which damages the relations in the parish and becomes a bad testimony for the outsiders. It is thus not a matter of Paul forbidding women from having positions of authority or learning towards men.

Vasque’s interpretations are faithful to the biblical text and the applications, both to the individual Christian life and the life of the congregation, are fresh, challenging and inquisitive. She succeeds very well in describing both the situation for Paul and his two followers Timothy and Titus and at the same time for us.

The emphasis is on that Christian leadership, its character, challenges and difficulties. There is a lot to talk about here in a time of leadership crisis in church and free church. Paul emphasizes that true Christian leadership is first and foremost about credibility, whole relationships and character and not talent, gifts, special spirituality, popularity and numerical success.


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