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Brnabic: Constitutional changes to free justice

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, called on the citizens to go to the referendum on Sunday, January 16 and vote “yes”, and said that the proposed constitutional amendments refer exclusively to the field of justice.

She emphasized for Pink that this change in the Constitution has nothing to do with issues related to Kosovo and Metohija, Rio Tinto, as well as issues related to human rights and vaccination.

“Amendments to the constitutional amendments have exclusively to do with the manner in which judges and prosecutors will be elected in the future,” Brnabic said.

She explained that in the future, if this change in the Constitution is voted on in a referendum, the judiciary will be independent and the prosecutor’s office independent, and that politics will no longer have an impact on the election of judges.

Therefore, said Brnabić, the rule of law in Serbia will be strengthened and everyone will be equal in the face of justice.

She added that this is a complex topic that is extremely important for all citizens.

“According to the proposed changes, there will be judges for life and they will not have a probationary period of three years. Judges will have a majority when electing judges. “In the high judiciary council of 11 members, six members will be elected only by judges and the responsibility will be exclusively on them,” the Prime Minister stated.

She explained that this is a referendum on the rule of law and emphasized that it has nothing to do with politics, or with a certain political option.

She pointed out that the government has the support of the most relevant associations for this decision, such as the Association of Judges of Serbia and the Association of Prosecutors.

According to them, says Brnabić, the judiciary has welcomed the government that wants to give up control over the judiciary.

She reminded of the situation in the judiciary in 2009, when 837 judges lost their jobs, just because they were politically ineligible, and said that it must not happen that political parties, as the Democratic Party did then, have an influence on the judiciary.

She assessed that the situation from 2009 was inadmissible and stated that the citizens of Serbia and the state, due to that situation, had to pay 44.4 million euros in compensation to the fired judges.

She called on everyone to go to the referendum on January 16 and vote “yes”.


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