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Actors in RS will discuss Vučić’s request to return to BiH institutions

Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik said tonight that political actors in the Republika Srpska will discuss the request of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić that Serb representatives return to BiH institutions.

Dodik, leader of the largest party in Republika Srpska, the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, told RTS that the decision to return Serb representatives to BiH state institutions is in the entity’s parliament, which will convene in early February.

“The care shown by President Vučić is important for us and we understand the context in which it was said. I will talk in Banja Luka with partners from the government and the opposition. Vučić also expressed his desire to see and discuss other actors in Republika Srpska. That will be in the coming days, “said Dodik, who met with the President of Serbia in Belgrade today.

The Cabinet of the President of Serbia announced after the meeting that Vučić asked Dodik and all political forces in the Republika Srpska to participate in the work of joint institutions of BiH and to protect the interests of the Serbian people and the Republika Srpska in the best way.

Tonight, Dodik also said that BiH is “a big trouble and a retrograde idea” and reiterated that the leadership of the Republika Srpska only wants the BiH Constitution to be respected, ie the Dayton Agreement, which ended the war in 1995.

“The key question is how Serbs cannot get what we have already received and what is written in the Dayton Agreement. It is precisely written that BiH belongs only to what is explicitly given to BiH, and that what is not explicitly given belongs to the entities. “What has been given to us is now being desecrated through decisions on forests and land and many other things,” he said.

He stated that he “does not feel responsible” for missing part of the assistance of the European Union to BiH, stating that “all assistance coming from the EU is always conditioned and politically motivated”.

“We are not the ones who are stopping it, but we believe that it is crucial for BiH to return to the constitutional system and to eliminate the para-constitutional system that now exists.” We are just asking for everything to be in accordance with the Constitution of BiH, but we hear more and more often from foreigners that policies that are going towards centralization should be implemented. “We have no right to act contrary to the BiH Constitution,” he added, according to Beta.

Regarding the criticism for the way the Day of the Republika Srpska was marked in Banja Luka on Sunday, January 9, Dodik said that it was “indicative that he considers everything that is legal and regular, such as the police force”.

“They are hurt by the fact that 30,000 people took to the streets in a disorganized manner to be part of the event, and they are ignoring the call for the mobilization of green berets (in Bužim). We will continue to celebrate the Day of the Republika Srpska “, stated Dodik.

Dodik faced numerous criticisms for celebrating Republika Srpska Day on Sunday, when members of the RS Interior Ministry’s Special Anti-Terrorist Unit in camouflage uniforms sang, among other things, “There are Serbs as a list, there are no more communists.” For the cross, for the cross, Nemanjić, for glory, for glory, Obilić “.


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