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The beginning of the exhibition season at the KCB

The Cultural Center of Belgrade will start this year’s exhibition season today at 1 pm by opening exhibitions in all three gallery spaces.

Ivan Manojlović, who was the artistic director of the Artget Gallery in 2018, will now present Milica Mrvić in that gallery with an exhibition of “directed” photographs entitled “For memory and long memory”.

According to the KCB, her photographs are carefully and choreographed in detail, precisely performed performative elements create a unique artificiality and a certain dose of fantasy that stimulates us to re-examine rather than read. The commissioned group portraits of Milica Mrvić are created through the process of cooperation with the portraits. They give us a direct insight into the hopes, desires, and perhaps the fears of the client. The result is a joint collaborative photographic work during which the work process is as important as the final materialization of this collaboration.

In the cycle “Critics have chosen” – a traditional exhibition that has been continuously organized as a reception for critics of contemporary visual art in the Art Gallery since 1967 – Ana Ereš, art historian and winner of the “Lazar Trifunović” award for 2017, organizes an exhibition entitled “Abstract Landscape 2.0” .

As it was announced, the exhibition held within this program is encouraged by the layered history of the exhibition space in which it is held and developed as a commentary on one point of this history – the exhibition “Abstract Landscape” from 1962.

Just as Čelebonović takes the term from French criticism by modifying its meaning, so for the purposes of this exhibition the term abstract landscape is used “without rigidity and statics, as a contextual occasion for confronting the views of contemporary practices of artists on landscape”. The exhibition is not limited to the formally abstract language of painting, but gathers the views of artists who from different methodological, media and semantic points of view re-examine the landscape as a genre, motif or contextual and linguistic framework of their artistic research. Dušica Dražić, Siniša Ilić and Bojan Đorđev, Ivana Kličković, Žolt Kovač, Nikola Marković, Goran Micevski, Vladimir Nikolić, Ivan Petrović and Ivan Šuletić will be represented.

Under the title “And inanimate beings have their end” in the “Pordum” Gallery, Tereza Kos will present herself, who through various media explores and problematizes the spaces and relations between the individual and the global. Through moving and still images, sound and music, diagrams and maps, inspired by specific events and people, she talks about a kind of absurd, hypnotic repetition of socio-political concepts and their impact on the nullity of everyday life. By creating a discrete cacophony in the eye and ear of the observer, by recording nothingness, it opens the space for creating new frequencies of life.

All exhibitions will last until February 23.

Lazar Trifunović Award Ceremony

Two traditional prestigious professional awards in the field of contemporary visual art in our country will be presented at the Artget Gallery today at noon – the Lazar Trifunović and DIUS awards for 2021.

The first prize for art criticism and theoretical consideration of contemporary visual art in print and electronic media will be awarded to Sladjana Petrovic Varagic, and by the decision of the jury composed of: Ana Eresh, Stevan Vukovic and Darka Radosavljevic Vasiljevic (winners of this award for 2017, 1998. and 2004). They made the decision unanimously and awarded this art historian, curator and researcher in the field of contemporary visual art for an author’s designed and critically intoned video series dedicated to the 58th October Salon, which was published in four segments between August 31 and November 2, 2021. and it was realized within the broader project “Critique in Action”. The recognition consists of a plaque with the image of Professor Trifunović (the work of sculptor Mihajlo Paunović), a sum of money and an exhibition organized by the laureate as part of the cycle “Critics have chosen” at the KCB Art Gallery

The DIUS award for the best author’s exhibition organized in the previous year will be given to Sonja Jankov for the exhibition “(De) construction of space: Architecture by other means”, held at the Cultural Center of Pancevo, in the period from December 2, 2020 to January 2, 2021. The jury that decided on this award included Maida Gruden, Sasa Janjic and Nela Tonkovic, art historians and curators. The recognition contains a diploma of a professional society and a monetary amount.


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