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Folkungakyrkan opens for the homeless from St. Clara’s Day

Now Folkungakyrkan on Söder in Stockholm opens its church hall for the homeless who are no longer allowed to sleep in St. Clara Church’s night shelter. On Monday evening, the mattresses are placed on the floor temporarily.
– We are happy to be able to help, says Pastor Christer Roshamn in Folkungakyrkan.

Christer Roshamn hopes that St. Clara Church’s trouble with the insurance company Kyrkans försäkring will soon be resolved so that the homeless, who need a roof over their heads in the winter cold, can soon be back again. Or that the whole thing can be solved in another way.

But so far, the Folkungakyrkan, a congregation within the Evangelical Free Church, EFK, accepts up to 31 homeless people to sleep. They have promised three nights to begin with, which gives ten days respite.

– We already have a close relationship with St. Clara’s Church and collaborate with food distribution at Medborgarplatsen in Söder. For us, it was obvious to get in touch and offer them to use our church when we heard what was happening.

– Our insurance company has said yes to this. Of course, we checked it directly, says Christer Roshamn.

Christer Roshamn, pastor of Folkungakyrkan, Stockholm

Moves over mattresses

St. Clara’s Church will run over with its mattresses, pillows and duvets, arrange supper and breakfast and have a number of volunteers.

– We have no pews but chairs, which can easily be moved away so that space is created in the church hall to lay out mattresses on the floor.

Christer Roshamn says that there is a heart for the homeless in the parish – and that members heard about it and pressed when they read about what happened.

Wants to expand the deaconry

– The work that St. Clara does must not be hindered by bureaucracy. At the same time, we have a desire to be able to do even more in the diaconal direction. It is St. Clara who has the muscles in this, but we may also be able to learn lessons for the future.

Folkungakyrkan does not charge any fee for letting St. Clara’s Church use their premises.

Picture from the stands down over the church hall where some are standing and singing in front of the stage.

Hoping for a long-term solution

For ten years, the night shelter has been two nights a week during the winter cold. When it became clear that the homeless were no longer allowed to sleep on the mattresses, KD leader Ebba Busch “rented” the church privately on Monday night to show their support in an event where St. Clara’s employees and volunteers were present. This means that the homeless were instead allowed to sleep in the hard pews without mattresses. On Thursday, instead, the cultural writer and playwright Stina Oscarson “rented” the church in the same way.

Mats Nyholm, pastor and director of St. Clara’s Church, is happy for the support the night shelter receives from Folkungakyrkan and others. However, there is no permanent solution yet.

– We naturally hope for a long-term solution, in contact with insurance companies and the cathedral congregation, says Mats Nyholm.

Facts: Clara winter

  • Is the name of St. Clara Church’s night shelter, two evenings a week, in central Stockholm.
  • Up to 31 homeless people have slept on mattresses on the church floor for ten years.
  • Recently, it became known that the insurance company Kyrkans försäkring no longer allows the business with reference to the cultural-historical values ​​in the church.


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